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Furniture, Malibu Sleeper Ottoman With Memory Foam Mattress ~ Sleeper Ottoman with Memory Foam Mattress
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This convertible seat is excellent since you can use it as a seat, chaise or flatbed. At nighttime, just lift the slipcover and pull the mattress and you've got an immediate bed with superb sleeping relaxation. A bonus is the fact that it's fairly comfortable to get a pull-out sleeper. It looks amazing, and the mattress is very comfortable for a pullout! It looks amazing when I put the slipcover on it, and nobody has any notion that it is a bed. By day, it is great additional seats, with a gorgeous slipcover that hides the mattress somewhere to put your feet up and unwind or to decide on a tray on it to get your beverage. Throughout the day you will enjoy features such as Bob-O-Pedic chairs and lavish toss pillows while during the nighttime your living area transforms into a bonus sleeping area.

Furniture, Malibu Sleeper Ottoman With Memory Foam Mattress ~ Sleeper Ottoman with Memory Foam Mattress

Furniture, Malibu Sleeper Ottoman With Memory Foam Mattress ~ Furniture, Sleeper Ottoman With Memory Foam Mattress ~ Furniture, Sleeper Ottoman With Memory Foam Mattress Costco ~

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